#PreachesFromPeaches: Instagram

Ive been an Instagram Addict long before it was flooded with bathroom selfies from 13 year old girls with daddy issues, the Kardashians weren’t flaunting their asses there yet, and tag #skyporn wasnt all Duck Faces and boobs. Long before it was bought out by Facebook, turning it into a “cool” place to be fake.

I needed a creative outlet, being a stay at home/ Homemaker whatever, to have a little piece of my prior self back. Also to get a little “me” time in too. So I started sharing my love of photography on IG with like minded individuals who see the same beauty in things that I do. A community of awesome folks that have encouraged me to learn about editing and all the other photography related things you need to know to grow your craft into something worth sharing. I started out with a great eye and absolutely no knowledge about resolution, composition, color correction, well you get the picture, I didn’t know shit except that something was picture worthy and I needed to snap it and share. I have grown into more of myself on IG, meaning I say what I want instead of being fearful of what others may think. I use to only use hashtags and a short explanation about the pic or a polite hello to all my followers. Now I say what I feel, it may be some random Nugget of useless knowledge, a funny adult content quote I like, something that pisses me off, makes me happy or something I love and Im proud of. They usually have zero to do with the photo.
The hashtag I accompany many of those nuggets with is, #PreachesFromPeaches. Some are funny, but most are thoughts about stuff that matter, to me anyway. If your on Instagram Check me out @SwtgaPeach28 there is a link somewhere in my profile.

Resent Instagram post where I contribute to my tag #PreachesFromPeaches

I Have Voice and Im Not Afraid to Use It


Unfortunately they both can hurt me, but my soul feels better when I say what my heart is feeling. Therefore I can’t regret what I say, just like I can’t control how it’s percieved. I speak for the voiceless, for the times I couldn’t and should have, I speak for the wronged and speak for the good. I will continue to do so and I respect anyone who does the same as long as it’s from a honest place and not spoken to cause someone pain. Words can not be unsaid just like a stone cannot be unthrown. I also can respect someone who speaks against me, as long as it’s honest and heartfelt, even if it hurts me. What hasn’t killed me has only made me stronger and I learn from my mistakes and other’s so I do not repeat what I already know the result of. This is the most selfish thing I do, bc in the bigger picture, the damage of keeping quiet reaks more havac in me than the consequences of giving a voice to the silent torment inside. I am a bitch but I’m consistent. And when I say bitch it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s a shield of sorts to keep shit from eating away the parts of me that shine. I am raising my girls the same way, some may think children don’t have the right to opinions but I encourage my kids to feel strongly enough to say what they feel. Even if I don’t like it or agree. It will make them more compassionate and strong in the future which will be more beneficial to this planet then having more people who stay inside the nicely wrapped box. You can shape a turd into a unicorn, it may be prettier but in the end it’s still shit.

Young Grasshoppa

Im sure many of yall are photographers if your reading this, so im sure you are in atleast one photography group on FaceBook, Tumblr, ect. They are great sources for inspiration, knowledge, insight into all kinds of different styles of photography and editing. I joined one in particular, Photoshop and Lightroom, because I wanted to learn from some of the most talented people in the world. The things they share and how well they explain the processes keeps me a member, but I never share. Actually i have a few times, a few CCs but there is always some “Smart Guy” that has to make overtly obvious comments just to make me feel less of talent than him.
This happens way too often and it begs the question, “Are you trying to make me quit and take up knitting?”

In the group rules it states, “Gentle CC” but some assholes feel it is an invite to rip someones work apart. Making comments about the models after the photographer asks for cc on the edit, making rude comments about the models weight, making comments on photos that are not good but being mean instead of helping them correct their mistakes, or telling them it isnt worth trying to fix at all when their clients were happy with it and they were just sharing what they thought was a successful job. The list goes on and on with the rude crap they say including equipment shaming. In my opinion its not what you shoot with that makes it a great photo, sure having a camera that shoots in RAW is beneficial but not debilitating to the photographers craft. Some photographers do not like sharing the title ‘photographer’ with people who use their phones instead of an actual camera. Like photography has to be one way to make it acceptable. Mobile photography is a real artform. The main word being ART.
Art to me is an extention of ones soul, a piece of them they choose to share, no matter the form. So for someone to bash another person for sharing a peice of themselves, trying to break their confidence, is unacceptable, especially from fellow artists. That is why i consider myself a Creator of Random Visual Awesomeness. I enjoy photographing all things and i shoot with my phone, and with a point and shoot Nikon. I use hdr apps on my phone as well photomatrix on my pc. I believe I bring some magic with my little POS, but im a stay at home mom who doesnt have the extra 900 dollars to buy the camera i really want. Nonetheless, i still share, i still have fans, i still keep trying to better myself, bc im an artists no matter what weapons i weild.
This is the response I gave lastnight to one of said assholes who were being too harsh and discouraging to someone who asked for cc on her background switch edit:

“F.Rodrigue CC doesnt call for bullying someone who is putting themselves out there. This is a site dedicated to growing and sharing Photography that incorporates Photoshop or Lightroom. Telling someone not to post their sh:t here is unnecessary. Where should the “not so perfect” folks (Myself included) share to receive advice to learn from. I mean did you offer a solution, so she could step up her game next time. I wouldn’t want my children to treat another child like that when they are more skilled than them. I consider that aggressive behaviour, which should not be acceptable from grown adults. Not just grown, but an artist. Offer her a suggestion on how to get the focus right or recommend a setting or something. Administrative folks, im sure this is considered off topic and will be erased, but I had to say something. Its like he wants us to quit and take up knitting scarves. If this is acceptable behavior please let me know, because this group may not be where i should turn to for inspiration and knowledge .. I mean yall are all Mister Miagees of photography, we are mearly young grasshoppas👍 … Stepping off my soap box…”

Point to this Post:
encourage dont discourage a fellow photographer. We all start out at “Young Grasshoppa” Level but we sometimes need help to get to be ” Mister Miagee” Status. (reference to karate kid in case some of you are like ” WTF is this chick talking about)

And take the wise words from Thumpers Mom, “If you cant say anything nice, keep that shit to your self.” ok not an actual quote but my interpretation.

FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR OPINION WITH ME, even if its a “Shut the F. up”

Herlot in Heaven

This post will be a small window into what kind of mind i have. It will give a small tid bit of the random thoughts i have and most the time love to share. It amuses the hell out of my husband, probably the main reason he keeps me around, im pretty damn entertaining.

Today’s Random Thought

When we die and one of our loved ones picks our clothes to be buried in, Do we wear this outfit everyday for eternity? Or is there a never ending closet?
If we wear that one outfit, I hope that my husband doesnt Dress me. Id be wearing a scrap of material aka a dress that shows off plenty of cleavage, fishnets and high heels. Its fine when I dress like that for him, which I dont mind, I like the hungry looks he gives me, but its not something Id want to walk around heaven in. People on the other side would be like, “Excuse me ma’am, I think your in the wrong place.”