What, when, how, who??

I started WordPress a few days ago after reading an article about why your photos are not selling. If I knew more about links then, I would have been able to share, because it was pretty damn informative.
To the point of this post…
I have spent hours trying to learn about all the bells and whistles of having a website and blog, what to post, how to post it, and who to follow. It is Freakin over whelming for someone like me. I have a need for knowledge about things. I like to research, Hell I’ll Google random stuff I think about, then it will make me want to know about something else. I will spend hours killing time but have nothing to show for it. Well having this WordPress thing to learn about is overwhelming. I’ve found so much information, but how to share it? When do I share it? Do people even care what I share? Do I need to keep my shares to photography topics or can I share what interests me, even if it’s not acceptable to some? The questions are never ending. I’m usually like that about everything, but I usually quit something if it uses too much brain power. I’m determined to kick this WordPress things Ass! I’m determined to change the way I’ve been sharing myself and my love of photography, this is the best place to start.


Is being myself costing me money?

I have always been random and unfiltered, it’s who I am. I have a sense of humor, although sometimes it can be rather crass. To most people I’ve encountered it is a welcome quality, but will it hold me back when it comes to my online presence and potential photo sales? I’m not a professional, by any stretch of the word, but I do believe I have quality photographs. I started teaching myself two years ago, after I downloaded Instagram for the first time. The community of like minded people who see the same beauty in the things I do, inspired me to grow my craft. These same people however, seem to enjoy my random comments, thoughts, and stories. Even when I rant about whatever pisses me off at the time. I do not hold back who i am when I post on Instagram. Fell free to see what I’m talking about by checking out my Instagram account. The posts are pretty much a visual diary of my life and the captions are an insight as to who I am and how my mind works. Pretty funny stuff, for the most part anyway. With that said, is linking my photography pages to it going to hold me back because of what I say, over shadowing my talent and content? Will it turn potential buyers or clients away or will it help me build a larger audience? I realised when I downloaded wordpress to share my talent, that if I watch my P’s and Q’s, my posts are boring. I still have a lot of reasearching to do, to see what other photographers post about, I just found this platform so I’m still trying to learn to navigate everything. I guess I’ll decide soon enough, if I can be me or the cleaned up version of myself. Personally I like that I’m too round to fit in square holes, but this may not be the place to show it.