Random Visual Awesomeness (#1)


Ive been looking at other photography blogs and realized I didnt have to Title each photo, which I suck at, I can just number them. Is it a series, im not sure what the “terms” are.
Since I share single photos of all kinds of things its will definitely save time. So this is the first installment of Random Visual Awesomeness-
A collection of random, Awesome, photos of all the things I think are Beautiful.

This Photo was taken at a friends pond, my daughters and I frequent to fish for catfish. There is always a thousand dragonflies buzzing around, which keeps me from putting a pole in the water because Im too busy chasing them around with my camera. They have always been one of my favorite things. I have them everywhere around my house.
Hope Yall Dig It, if you do feel free to say so, or if you have any tips on running a blog. Id appreciate the feedback!


Random Visual Awesomeness #2


Beautiful sunrises make it almost bearable having to wake up when the moon is still out. My daughter is in middle school and they go to school at the butt crack of dawn. I never remember having to be at school before 7:00. Its a form of demonic torcher to be up and at em’ that damn early. Seriously, I dont want to function mentally until at least 9:00. Thank goodness she is a morning person like her daddy.
Her school allows 3 unexcused tardies, on the 3rd she has after school detention. Lets just say, I cant turn off my alarm in my sleep again this semester. Id hate for her very first infraction to be my fault. That would suck.

This is another Gorgeous Sunrise from Appling Georgia, over Lake Thurmond aka Clarkshill Lake. I have to add the “Aka” bc locals always say something about me calling it by the Name on the map when I mention it in my posts. Either way its a beautiful place to visit if your ever in my neck of the woods.


Back Road Exploring


Red Barn Somewhere in Georgia

I love the simple things in Life.

Taking long drives with no destination in mind, is one of those things. With music blaring, and my camera within reach, I am happy as hell.
My husband and I will take an “Us” weekend and instead of nice hotels with spa treatments and shopping sprees, i choose parks and random spots on the map. My daughters use to love it too, until they realized what being bored is.
I love finding random stuff, especially old structures, rusty old cars, and vintage Coca-Cola signs on abandoned stores. Barns are one of my favs too. This is one I found while on one of our back road exploration trips, somewhere in Georgia. I will have to share more of my collection of what i call “Delicious Decay”, eventually. Hope yall dig it!

Young Grasshoppa

Im sure many of yall are photographers if your reading this, so im sure you are in atleast one photography group on FaceBook, Tumblr, ect. They are great sources for inspiration, knowledge, insight into all kinds of different styles of photography and editing. I joined one in particular, Photoshop and Lightroom, because I wanted to learn from some of the most talented people in the world. The things they share and how well they explain the processes keeps me a member, but I never share. Actually i have a few times, a few CCs but there is always some “Smart Guy” that has to make overtly obvious comments just to make me feel less of talent than him.
This happens way too often and it begs the question, “Are you trying to make me quit and take up knitting?”

In the group rules it states, “Gentle CC” but some assholes feel it is an invite to rip someones work apart. Making comments about the models after the photographer asks for cc on the edit, making rude comments about the models weight, making comments on photos that are not good but being mean instead of helping them correct their mistakes, or telling them it isnt worth trying to fix at all when their clients were happy with it and they were just sharing what they thought was a successful job. The list goes on and on with the rude crap they say including equipment shaming. In my opinion its not what you shoot with that makes it a great photo, sure having a camera that shoots in RAW is beneficial but not debilitating to the photographers craft. Some photographers do not like sharing the title ‘photographer’ with people who use their phones instead of an actual camera. Like photography has to be one way to make it acceptable. Mobile photography is a real artform. The main word being ART.
Art to me is an extention of ones soul, a piece of them they choose to share, no matter the form. So for someone to bash another person for sharing a peice of themselves, trying to break their confidence, is unacceptable, especially from fellow artists. That is why i consider myself a Creator of Random Visual Awesomeness. I enjoy photographing all things and i shoot with my phone, and with a point and shoot Nikon. I use hdr apps on my phone as well photomatrix on my pc. I believe I bring some magic with my little POS, but im a stay at home mom who doesnt have the extra 900 dollars to buy the camera i really want. Nonetheless, i still share, i still have fans, i still keep trying to better myself, bc im an artists no matter what weapons i weild.
This is the response I gave lastnight to one of said assholes who were being too harsh and discouraging to someone who asked for cc on her background switch edit:

“F.Rodrigue CC doesnt call for bullying someone who is putting themselves out there. This is a site dedicated to growing and sharing Photography that incorporates Photoshop or Lightroom. Telling someone not to post their sh:t here is unnecessary. Where should the “not so perfect” folks (Myself included) share to receive advice to learn from. I mean did you offer a solution, so she could step up her game next time. I wouldn’t want my children to treat another child like that when they are more skilled than them. I consider that aggressive behaviour, which should not be acceptable from grown adults. Not just grown, but an artist. Offer her a suggestion on how to get the focus right or recommend a setting or something. Administrative folks, im sure this is considered off topic and will be erased, but I had to say something. Its like he wants us to quit and take up knitting scarves. If this is acceptable behavior please let me know, because this group may not be where i should turn to for inspiration and knowledge .. I mean yall are all Mister Miagees of photography, we are mearly young grasshoppas👍 … Stepping off my soap box…”

Point to this Post:
encourage dont discourage a fellow photographer. We all start out at “Young Grasshoppa” Level but we sometimes need help to get to be ” Mister Miagee” Status. (reference to karate kid in case some of you are like ” WTF is this chick talking about)

And take the wise words from Thumpers Mom, “If you cant say anything nice, keep that shit to your self.” ok not an actual quote but my interpretation.

FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR OPINION WITH ME, even if its a “Shut the F. up”


There is Fungus Among Us


I love living in the country, for many reasons. The quiet, the small community, being close to nature, and the lack of traffic to name a few. My in-laws have 60 acres of farmland and woods that my girls and I love to explore. We especially love hunting for mushrooms. We find the coolest looking fungi, all different sizes, shapes and colors. I never mind getting dirty when getting down low to get a good angle. Smurf level. This is one of my favs.

What, when, how, who??

I started WordPress a few days ago after reading an article about why your photos are not selling. If I knew more about links then, I would have been able to share, because it was pretty damn informative.
To the point of this post…
I have spent hours trying to learn about all the bells and whistles of having a website and blog, what to post, how to post it, and who to follow. It is Freakin over whelming for someone like me. I have a need for knowledge about things. I like to research, Hell I’ll Google random stuff I think about, then it will make me want to know about something else. I will spend hours killing time but have nothing to show for it. Well having this WordPress thing to learn about is overwhelming. I’ve found so much information, but how to share it? When do I share it? Do people even care what I share? Do I need to keep my shares to photography topics or can I share what interests me, even if it’s not acceptable to some? The questions are never ending. I’m usually like that about everything, but I usually quit something if it uses too much brain power. I’m determined to kick this WordPress things Ass! I’m determined to change the way I’ve been sharing myself and my love of photography, this is the best place to start.


I hate Spiders

wp-1448709993520.jpegI hate Spiders so much. This guy almost gave me a heart attack while hunting for mushrooms in the woods with my daughters yesterday. I pulled some mad ninja moves when I looked down and saw him on my boot.  Seriously, it was a near death experience, shaving years off my life. I freaked out, but was able to snap a pic before he crawled away. Sweet pic after such a traumatic experience. O.. The things we do to get a great shot.