Random Visual Awesomeness #2


Beautiful sunrises make it almost bearable having to wake up when the moon is still out. My daughter is in middle school and they go to school at the butt crack of dawn. I never remember having to be at school before 7:00. Its a form of demonic torcher to be up and at em’ that damn early. Seriously, I dont want to function mentally until at least 9:00. Thank goodness she is a morning person like her daddy.
Her school allows 3 unexcused tardies, on the 3rd she has after school detention. Lets just say, I cant turn off my alarm in my sleep again this semester. Id hate for her very first infraction to be my fault. That would suck.

This is another Gorgeous Sunrise from Appling Georgia, over Lake Thurmond aka Clarkshill Lake. I have to add the “Aka” bc locals always say something about me calling it by the Name on the map when I mention it in my posts. Either way its a beautiful place to visit if your ever in my neck of the woods.


No snooze Saturday

Every Saturday Morning I have an alarm set to wake me up in hopes of photographing a gorgeous Sunrise. Unfortunately, I always hit the snooze button one too many times, losing the opportunity to catch it. I’ve even set My alarm to puzzle mode thinking it would keep me from sleeping in. This morning I hit it once, thankfully I only live a mile from this spot in Mistletoe State Park. I just did catch the beautiful sky right before the sun peeked over the trees. These dudes in the boat were hauling Ass by me wearing winter gear and goggles. I’m sorry but fishing isn’t worth freezing my Ass off even though I love it.