Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic


Sunshine and Blue Skies have been a rare occurrence in my neck of the woods. Knowing that spring is going to be here soon keeps me Optimistic that I wont pull a “Shining” moment and try to hack up my family. Rain for days with kids indoors is a test of patience. Having preteen girls that argue about anything and everything indoors 24/7, is enough to drive a saint to the point of murder. Ok, not quite to the point of homicide, but Im considering testing out duct tape to keep them separate and silent. For a few minutes anyway.


Macro Monday


Gardening is Cheaper than Therapy.

  I can spend hours in the garden, getting my hands dirty while listening to music. Its my thing. The funny part is I hate bugs, spiders, basically anything that crawls. When I say Hate, mean I Really Hate them.. Its a legitimate phobia. Ive had several near death experiences with black widow spiders, so I probably look crazy as shit to my neighbors, always shreiking and jumping up when something moves. Its about the girliest thing I do. I get pretty damn high pitched when something freaks me out. I get violent when its something bigger that suprises me and scares the shit out me. I cant go to haunted houses because I swing when they get close and catch me off guard. The last person who jumped out and shouted “BOO” got clocked in the face. It was my husband, which i felt bad for like a second about. Needless to say he hasnt tried me like that since. Those Mad Ninja Skills I posses cant be contained sometimes.

==This post went from gardening to punching my husband in the face…. Im killing this blogging shit.