#PreachesFromPeaches: Instagram

Ive been an Instagram Addict long before it was flooded with bathroom selfies from 13 year old girls with daddy issues, the Kardashians weren’t flaunting their asses there yet, and tag #skyporn wasnt all Duck Faces and boobs. Long before it was bought out by Facebook, turning it into a “cool” place to be fake.

I needed a creative outlet, being a stay at home/ Homemaker whatever, to have a little piece of my prior self back. Also to get a little “me” time in too. So I started sharing my love of photography on IG with like minded individuals who see the same beauty in things that I do. A community of awesome folks that have encouraged me to learn about editing and all the other photography related things you need to know to grow your craft into something worth sharing. I started out with a great eye and absolutely no knowledge about resolution, composition, color correction, well you get the picture, I didn’t know shit except that something was picture worthy and I needed to snap it and share. I have grown into more of myself on IG, meaning I say what I want instead of being fearful of what others may think. I use to only use hashtags and a short explanation about the pic or a polite hello to all my followers. Now I say what I feel, it may be some random Nugget of useless knowledge, a funny adult content quote I like, something that pisses me off, makes me happy or something I love and Im proud of. They usually have zero to do with the photo.
The hashtag I accompany many of those nuggets with is, #PreachesFromPeaches. Some are funny, but most are thoughts about stuff that matter, to me anyway. If your on Instagram Check me out @SwtgaPeach28 there is a link somewhere in my profile.

Resent Instagram post where I contribute to my tag #PreachesFromPeaches

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