I Have Voice and Im Not Afraid to Use It


Unfortunately they both can hurt me, but my soul feels better when I say what my heart is feeling. Therefore I can’t regret what I say, just like I can’t control how it’s percieved. I speak for the voiceless, for the times I couldn’t and should have, I speak for the wronged and speak for the good. I will continue to do so and I respect anyone who does the same as long as it’s from a honest place and not spoken to cause someone pain. Words can not be unsaid just like a stone cannot be unthrown. I also can respect someone who speaks against me, as long as it’s honest and heartfelt, even if it hurts me. What hasn’t killed me has only made me stronger and I learn from my mistakes and other’s so I do not repeat what I already know the result of. This is the most selfish thing I do, bc in the bigger picture, the damage of keeping quiet reaks more havac in me than the consequences of giving a voice to the silent torment inside. I am a bitch but I’m consistent. And when I say bitch it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s a shield of sorts to keep shit from eating away the parts of me that shine. I am raising my girls the same way, some may think children don’t have the right to opinions but I encourage my kids to feel strongly enough to say what they feel. Even if I don’t like it or agree. It will make them more compassionate and strong in the future which will be more beneficial to this planet then having more people who stay inside the nicely wrapped box. You can shape a turd into a unicorn, it may be prettier but in the end it’s still shit.

2 thoughts on “I Have Voice and Im Not Afraid to Use It

  1. carlalouise89 says:

    I’m the exact same – and like you, I feel worse if I choose silence. I’d rather say what needs to be said than nothing at all.


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