Herlot in Heaven

This post will be a small window into what kind of mind i have. It will give a small tid bit of the random thoughts i have and most the time love to share. It amuses the hell out of my husband, probably the main reason he keeps me around, im pretty damn entertaining.

Today’s Random Thought

When we die and one of our loved ones picks our clothes to be buried in, Do we wear this outfit everyday for eternity? Or is there a never ending closet?
If we wear that one outfit, I hope that my husband doesnt Dress me. Id be wearing a scrap of material aka a dress that shows off plenty of cleavage, fishnets and high heels. Its fine when I dress like that for him, which I dont mind, I like the hungry looks he gives me, but its not something Id want to walk around heaven in. People on the other side would be like, “Excuse me ma’am, I think your in the wrong place.”

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