What, when, how, who??

I started WordPress a few days ago after reading an article about why your photos are not selling. If I knew more about links then, I would have been able to share, because it was pretty damn informative.
To the point of this post…
I have spent hours trying to learn about all the bells and whistles of having a website and blog, what to post, how to post it, and who to follow. It is Freakin over whelming for someone like me. I have a need for knowledge about things. I like to research, Hell I’ll Google random stuff I think about, then it will make me want to know about something else. I will spend hours killing time but have nothing to show for it. Well having this WordPress thing to learn about is overwhelming. I’ve found so much information, but how to share it? When do I share it? Do people even care what I share? Do I need to keep my shares to photography topics or can I share what interests me, even if it’s not acceptable to some? The questions are never ending. I’m usually like that about everything, but I usually quit something if it uses too much brain power. I’m determined to kick this WordPress things Ass! I’m determined to change the way I’ve been sharing myself and my love of photography, this is the best place to start.


12 thoughts on “What, when, how, who??

    • I hope so. It will encourage me to keep doing what I love and inspire me to try new stuff. I appreciate the advice. The community support had been great. I think it will be a great experience expanding my audience.


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    Welcome and you will figure it all out in time! You picked a great blogging site with many different communities to choose from! I hope you find your niche and enjoy this platform as much as I have! Welcome to WP! -OM
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  2. Welcome to WordPress. I think you will like it. To you question about what to share, you can share anything that interests you. Don’t worry about whether or not someone may not like your post. You will find your audience. There is an amzing amount of blog topics here. You will have a good time checking them out and finding what works and doesn’t for you.


    • Thanks for the advice. I like being an individual, but I’ve been told that my photography will take a hit if I I’m too “Me”. I usually never worry about what others think, but i guess it could hurt potential sales. I appreciate your input 😁


  3. Deb says:

    Welcome aboard. I am just over a month old, share nothing and everything, and have met some epic people so far. Brace yourself for loads of fun.


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